Songs of Dovid Kerner


Chanukah Yippie I Oh!

music: traditional

lyrics: Dovid Kerner


We've been lighting the menorah

Since the days of the Maccabees ...





music: Hank Williams, Sr.

lyrics: Dovid Kerner

Goodbye Joe, we’ve got to go and light the menorah

Spin some draydels with cousin Fraydel, learn some Torah

Sun goes down, we gather round, you know it’s our mesorah

Come chaf Hey, in the month of Kislev, we light menorahs


Fight to be free, Macabee, Shmona laylot

kids get chachkas, we eat latkes- sufganiot!

Throughout the night, we’re burning bright, shmona nairot

Son of a gun, we’ll have big fun, shmona lailot!




                Antiochus Came to Town

lyrics by Dovid Kerner                                                                Video

music: traditional



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